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Imakatsu Lures




Imakatsu is one of the top manufacturers of freshwater lures in the world! Based in Japan, the Imakatsu team produces some of the most lifelike swimbaits, frogs, crankbaits and other freshwater baits you will ever see! Their attention to detail is unmatched! If you wan to fish the best, fish Imakatsu!

Katasuka Imae is hailed as one of the best tournament fisherman in Japan and is the man behind the establishment of Imakatsu Co.Ltd in 2004.

The Imakatsu brand prides itself in the unique designs, superior actions and finishes that has put their lures in a class of their own.

These tournament winning lures have now made their way to Australian shores and have instantly become a favourite amongst many anglers. Offering a huge variety of lures to suit almost every situation there is sure to be an Imakatsu to suit your local species. Contact us today for a brochure and a run down of all the Imakatsu products. In the meantime, click through to the lures below to view information, videos and colours!