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Imakatsu Aventa Crawler RS


Imakatsu Aventa Crawler RS

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Ultra-Slow speed specialized crawler bait. Dead Slow Crawling Action Aventa Crawler. Remade with a special wood material, and further ultimate dead throw action bait What I did was the “Aventa Crawler Wood Model”. Due to the difference in the wood material used for the wood model, the dead throw action remains the same With a “GT” model that maximizes flight distance and cast accuracy, There is an “RS” model that pursues further slow action. Depending on the place and situation you use, You can also bring out the capabilities of the Aventa Crawler Wood model.


  • Imakatsu Aventa Crawler RS Wood
  • Length: 3-1/4 in   Weight: 0.8 oz   Type: Topwater

#AC06, #AC02, #AC20, #AC27, #AC28, #AC30


Floating , Slow Crawler , Paddler