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About Us

Obtaining The Worlds Best Tackle for Australian Anglers

 Fish-Tec Solutions enables Australian anglers to access some of the best quality fishing products from around the world.  The team at Fish-Tec is always looking for an edge in our fishing pursuits. Talking with tournament anglers, fishing guides and angling friends from Australia, Japan, America and Europe has enabled us to gather a range of what we consider to be the best brands available. 

Fishtec solutions is a company that was originally started by a group of like minded fisherman with years of industry experience. These fisherman shared a similar passion in that they loved using the best possible gear that they could lay their hands on. This thought process provided not only the edge on their competitors during tournaments but also enhanced the enjoyment of ultimately catching the fish, no matter what the species, the location or the technique. 

The thought process behind Fish-Tec Solutions is: 
Why compromise on the most important aspect of fishing .. the direct link between you and the fish.

That is why they sourced brands like American legendary rod designer and builder Gary Loomis’ EDGE RODS and NORTH FORK COMPOSITES blanks.

Japans leading innovative lure brands like OSP and IMAKATSU.

Premium Lure Solutions

On the lure front we chose to start with O.S.P. and IMAKATSU. The Japanese are fanatical perfectionists and their research and lure development has lead to some insane lures with unrivaled fish-caching characteristics. O.S.P. and IMAKATSU make incredible lures and their quality and finish are truly exceptional.

From our friends in the US comes the CASTAIC range of soft plastics which offer the discerning angler a unique range of swim baits with ultra lifelike swimming actions.


The most recent addition to our already extensive range is Madness. Manufacturing a large and exciting selection of lures from small vibes right through to very large swimbaits, all to the strict Japanese standards Fish-Tec anglers have become accustomed to.

TORAY Fishing lines produces one of the highest quality braids and leaders to come out of Japan. The company motto is ‘innovation through chemistry’ and this attitude certainly transfers to the quality of this range of products.

Our EDGE Rods by Gary Loomis range of rods are designed by legendary rod builder himself Gary Loomis, himself. He has produced two series of rods that prove to the fishing world that it is still possible to re-invent the wheel. His carbon fibre and graphite handles incorporated with ultra sensitive hand rolled fishing blanks set a new bench market in modern day rod building.