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Video / Photo Gallery

Australian Salmon on the Bent Minnow 106

Don’t miss out on the chance to master the art of catching Australian salmon! Watch our exclusive video demonstration on how to use the Bent Minnow 106. See firsthand how this innovative lure will help you reel in more fish than ever before. Click now to upgrade your fishing skills and catch the big one today!

Bass fishing with the Bent Minnow 86

Unlock the secrets of catching big bass with ease! Watch our explainer video on bass fishing with the Bent Minnow 86. See for yourself how this revolutionary lure can help you up your fishing game. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your skills and make every fishing trip a success. Click to watch the video and start reeling in bigger bass.

Bent Minnow 76 in action

Experience the power of the Bent Minnow 76 for yourself! Watch our exciting fishing video to see this innovative product in action. Get ready to be amazed by the results and learn how you can use it to catch more fish on your next trip. Don’t wait any longer, click now to watch the video and discover the secret to successful fishing!