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It is now easy to dive to 8m range with the IK800R2!!

Developed for the targeting fish feeding on deep bait in rivers and lakes. The lures profile perfectly imitates baitfish present in Australia’s freshwater impoundments.

Capable of reaching depths of 5.5m easy on the cast puts this lure in a class of its own. Excellent aerodynamics make casts easy even with the large bib.

IK800R2 Deep Impact is the ultimate deep crank and will transform the way fish you deep water.

Bass, Cod, Barra and Yellowbelly feeding in the deep water can now be targeted with a crankbait!!!

IK800R2 Features

Despite its large bib the IK 800 R2 cast very well.

The same aero design used in the kicker eater II makes long casts easy.

Length: 65mm

Weight: 21 grams

Casting: 5m Dive

Dragging: 8m Dive


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