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Dilemma Popper

Dilemma Popper

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The small minnow shaped Dilemma Popper is the ultimate topwater lure.

This versatile popper can be used with a popping or walk the dog action. The lure will spit water when walked and the rattle in the tail end mimics the sound of a fleeing shrimp or prawn to attract any nearby fish.

The Dilemma popper ideal to target Austalias iconic sportfish such as Bass, Bream, Jungle Perch, Mangrove Jack, Estuary Perch, Sooty Grunter and many more!

Length: 60mm

Weight: 4g

Dilemma Popper Features

The extended lip of the cup face creates great traction when popping. The flat front design of the cup will also cause water spit out of the lures front on a walk the dog style retrieve.

The rear click rattle mimics the sound of a prawn or bait fish fleeing across the surface which drives fish crazy. It also aids the lure in balance to improve casting distance.

The aerodynamic minnow shaped body is designed for long casts and a versatile action. The slender body and unique sound give the popper very high appeal to predators.


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