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Revolution Frog 45

Revolution Frog 45

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Head to your favorite pond or lake and you’ll see frogs that are about 2″ long. Since most frogs are 2″ long in nature, shouldn’t the frog baits you use be, too? Enter the Revolution Frog, a 45, 55, or 65mm long soft, hollow-body frog with two razor-sharp Kitana Hooks and a long tail skirt.

Considerable engineering time went into efforts to make sure the Revolution Frog is perfectly balanced right out the box. This realistic bait is designed to “match the hatch” and displaces water like a fleeing frog.

Combined with a flowing skirt and realistic paint job, the Revolution Frog attracts stealthy predators into vicious topwater strikes.

You may also be interested in the Revolution Frog Popper, an equally-realistic frog lure that gives more aggressive “pops”.

About the Revolution Frog

  • Available in many popular colors
  • Kitana Hooks curved from under the belly
  • Soft, hollow-body design
  • Displaces water like a fleeing frog
  • 45mm and 55mm sizes available



Albino, Brown Midnight, Green Tree, Midnight, Moss Yellow, Mud Brown, Rainforest Black, Sexy, Yellow Midnight


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