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Joint Bait 90SF

Joint Bait 90SF

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Draw a small S shape with natural waves that are different from crankbaits and minnows.

When the line is soaked in water, it works well even with fast winding.

It supports various actions such as twitching, jerking, and side sliding by stopping the line in places where there is a flow.

90mm is just the right bite size for big bass. Cartiva ST46#8, which also supports salt, is used for the hook.

How To Use

  • Continuous twitching is a recommended action that invites a part-time job under various circumstances.
  • In places with flow such as backwaters and rivers, turn while sliding the lure with straight retrieve without action.
  • Jerk and stop around overhangs and structures to add sharpness to the movement.
  • Since it swims vigorously on the surface of the water in fast retrieve, it is effective for searching for active bass and aiming for reaction bites.

Type : Slow Floating

Weight: 11g (3/8oz)

Color: 23colors

Length: 90mm (3.5inch)

Depth: 0-10cm (Surface)

Hook: ST-46#8 (front)/ST-36TN#10 (rear)



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