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Metal Mouse

Metal Mouse

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The metal mouse is a compact pencil popper with a total body length of 77 mm. Using the hook in the center of the body as a fulcrum, it is possible to continue a sharp continuous dog walk for a long time with easy rod work.

The metal parts that characterize the metal mouse are the same type as the Jagi mouse, which was predominant as a large pencil with a total length of 128 mm. By replacing the same one mounted on a large pencil with a small body, a fierce dog walk and an excessive splash shower are realized.

The sharp swing dog walk to the left and right is the characteristic of the metal mouse. A continuous dog walk action and splash with a crisp and sharp taste strongly stimulates the predatory instinct.

Mouse shape pencil popper lure.

  • Walk the dog and splash action
  • Metal mouth cup
  • One knocker

Manufactured: Made in Japan

Length: 2.8 inch (70 mm)

Weight: 1/2 oz class (15 g)

Type: Floating


Black Raven, Green Canabun, Mamushi, Rattus Norvegicus (Fur Finish), Tsuchinoko, Uribo (Fur Finish)


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