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Bacurato Swimmer

Bacurato Swimmer

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Bacurato Swimmer was developed as the ultimate weapon to catch 10 pounder at Lake Bacarac in Mexico on March 2007. More than hundreds of 50cm over bass has been caught at every world in high odds.

Bacurato Swimmer won’t choose the field, depth and seasons. The big shad tail will make the wobble as spinner bait to appeal bass.

Bacurato Swimmer can cast long distance and also easy to keep range like other swim baits but it is specially designed by hydrokinetic and the power of fish collecting are respectable.

How To Use The Bacurato Swimmer

To use Bacurato Swimmer is very simple. It is just like slow-rolling of spinner bait. Just contact the bottom or other structure and retrieve slowly.

In many cases, fish bites like spinner bait so pause to take breaths and hook up strongly. For deep areas, jerking and lift & fall technique are effective

The important thing it to make pause after the lure sink to the bottom, when using as lift and fall technique. Bacurato Swimmer will never lay down at the bottom, it is as if the bait fish are eating grass bed.It will be the ultimate weapon to catch big bass on sight fishing.


Long cast ability – Heavy material and less wind drag design makes you tremendous long cast. This really helps especially for shore fishing and well advantage. Also you can use as search bait.

Scorpion Jig head(PAT.P) – Ultimate character is under slung movable jig head. To set a tungsten ball in bottom of jig head, it makes the lure under slung and high stability. Then movable hook makes line, eye and shank just strait when you make hard hooking. Also it will make fewer hooks off by balanced jig head.

Flat-bottom design – Particular flat-bottom designed Bacurato Swimmer. This flat-bottom makes the lure not to fall down when it hits the bottom. In addition, in current situation like river fishing, the head of the lure always point to upper stream that seems like the bait fish is preying some mossy.

Flat-back design – When you swim the lure, this head will keep flat position and also prevent from uplift.

Tail – Very finely designed bulky shad tail makes hard kick action as spinner bait. This tail makes your retrieve comfortable.

Real Colour – To make real bait fish color possible by using specialized glaze resin.Real color reflects sunlight, so that fits together with Bacurato Swimmer. Just cast and retrieve makes flashing action as spinner bait.

When you fish on backlight, clear body appeal as ghost color. You can possibly fish in deep flashing bait and without losing your lure and also as reaction bait. Advanced as naturally and as appeal.

Size: 12.0cm

Weight: 38g


#S-05 Liver, #S-14 Green Pumpkin Pepper, #S-15 Watermelon Pepper, #S-40 Salamander, #S-52 Dark Watermelon Pepper, #S-53 Dark Green Pumpkin Pepper, #S-161 Cinnamon Blue Mica, #S-162 Green Tea Black Pepper, #S-163 Milky Green Pumpkin Pepper, #S-164 Green Pumpkin Pepper / Clear Green Pumpkin, #S-165 Watermelon Pepper/Clear Watermelon, #S-166 Watermelon Pepper/Pearl Red Clear, #S-167 Golden Shinner, #S-168 Green Back Arkansas Shinner, #S-20 WAKASAGI (Real Colour), #S-176 Blue Back Trout (Real Colour), #S-177 Tiger Trout (Real Colour), #S-178 AYU (Real Colour), #S-179 NIJIMASU (Real Colour), #S-180 Silver Shad (Real Colour), #S-183 Gill (Real Colour), #S-184 YAMAME (Real Colour), #S-185 KETABASU (Real Colour), #S-186 Tennessee Shad (Real Colour), #S-187 Clear lake magic (Real Colour), #S-193 Bone Blue Back Trout (Real Colour Bone), #S-194 Bone Tiger Trout (Real Colour Bone), #S-195 Bone AYU (Real Colour Bone), #S-196 Bone NIJIMASU (Real Colour Bone), #S-197 Bone Silver Shad (Real Colour Bone), #S-199 Bone YAMAME (Real Colour Bone), #S-200 Bone KETABASU (Real Colour Bone)


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