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Néo Swim

Néo Swim

$35.00 inc GST

SKU D-NSW-L Category
Brand Delalande

To meet the many demands of pike fishermen, the Neo arrives this year in a Swimbait IW (internal Weight) version. It has a rounder body than the neo shallow in order to gain even more in quantity of material and therefore in displacement of water. The Neo Swim is sold assembled ready to fish with its internal weight and its triple ventral. With a total weight of 80gr for 16cm, it will adapt to all environments and all depths. Its large round paddle emits strong vibrations which, associated with the large displacement of water, makes pike react from afar. A simple slow linear animation with pauses during which it goes down flat while rolling sides will then be ideal to trigger pike attacks!

Lure size and weight:

  • 16cm > 80gr


  • In linear


  • River
  • Sea


  • Catfish
  • Pike






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