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Huddle Swimmer

Huddle Swimmer

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In 2007, along with the big break in the United States, the amazing natural swimbait “Huddleston” has been hidden by big bass hunters as the ultimate weapon for big bass in Japan. The original “huddle tail” designed by Ken Huddleston has succeeded in reproducing the natural vibration of the real baitfish itself, overturning conventional wisdom.

The ultimate tail design, which combines a natural, heavy water push and fish-collecting power, is highly evaluated not only by American big fish hunters, but also by USA tournaments as the ultimate weapon of swimbaits.

Inheriting the overwhelming destructive gene of the Huddlestone, a new type swimbait that has been thoroughly trained in the Japanese field and has undergone a unique evolution was born. That is the “huddle swimmer”.

Under the supervision of Ken Huddleston, Huddle Swimmer has 100% transplanted the unique power of Huddle Tail. In addition, by making the most of the features of the huddle tail, which is extremely difficult to float and has the ability to maintain a horizontal posture, it has evolved into a no-sinker style that anyone can easily apply to various rigs with ordinary tackle.

Only the tail of the huddle swimmer moves naturally, and little action is transmitted to the body. However, while moving the water heavily, it perfectly embodies the swimming of an unsuspecting baitfish extremely naturally. In particular, the weed area of ​​clear water and the ability to attract fish near the cover are spectacular.

Huddle swimmers are compatible with various rigs and rod work like jigs and worms. It has high application power for various actions such as stay, pull, lift & fall.

Huddle Swimmer, a new innovation in swimbait type soft lures, is the pedigree of Huddleston’s pedigree.


3 Inch, 4 Inch, 4.5 Inch


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