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iRoller 70

iRoller 70

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The iRoller is a new minnow that produces only a perfect high pitch i-shaped roll with dead slow to medium retrieve without swinging the head and tail left and right, which is common with plugs with lip equipment. The basic operation is dead slow to medium retrieve, just slowly winding it up. The synergistic effect of the natural high-pitch roll and flashing with clear color change and the wavy hair that flutters like a tail fin invites bass to bite.

Another feature of the eye roller is that it has a shimmy fall function that rolls and sinks during vertical falls as well as horizontal swimming. Taking advantage of this shimmy fall action, it is possible not only to swim, but also to invite bass by imagining hovering shrimp by repeating fall and lift.

Also, in medium retrieve, the specially shaped metal blade on the tail touches the side of the body to generate a cracker sound in a natural movement. In murky waters, it is effective to make the fish aware of its existence by sound, and combine it with dead throw natural rolls and shimmy falls to make them bite together.


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