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Berlinetta Crawler


Berlinetta Crawler

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The Imakatsu Berlinetta Crawler is a lightweight, durable original lure with strong wings made of duralumin.

The action is that of a crawling, wounded bird or small animal which proves irresistible to our native ambush feeders.

Factory fitted with strong hooks and rings + skirts from the rear to enhance and already lifeline appearance.

The wings fold in during the cast allowing for maximum distance and accuracy. It won’t wander in the air like some other fixed-wing lures.

Berlinetta Crawler Features:

Big Wings made by duralumin.

The wings catch water easily enabling a good action on a super slow retrieve.

Neutral buoyancy means even at rest the Berlinetta Crawler sits flat on the surface but the trebles hang low assisting with those top-water blow ups.

The rear treble has plenty of clearance from the tail of the lure giving you the best chance of setting a hook.


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