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Rip Rizer 90

Rip Rizer 90

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New Concept jerking baits; the RIPRIZER!

With the power sliding of side waves in the water, birr moments in between actions radically calls out your target in huge fields having most strong appeal ever made by any of jerking bait. Both water undulation and its silhouette brings high reaction bites, this is the new generation jerking baits.

Its calling ability can be shown by simple retrieves like one of those cranking baits. And this new high floating concept of “Ripping Rise technique” will imitate one of those minnows searching for the bugs on the surface.

With tons of evaluations and fields tests in its floating speed and angles, the Rising Motion by shaking its heads a side will automatically turn the switches of your target in the sub surface range.

Set its weight balance backward, aero dynamic designed body will create unbelievable distance by your castings. Eliminating so to say knocker noises by your jerking actions, exposing necessary shad clicks by the minimum rattles.

Built up to create high floating ability, allowing strong water pushes and wobbles by easy jerking actions, turning the switches to feeding bass that is what the true secret of RIP RIZER. The new jerk bait concept.

How To Use  The Rip Rizer 90


When you feel RipRizer130 or 110 is too strong to appeal and 60 is too weak to appeal at your current field, RipRizer90 will be your best choice.


From winter season to pre-spawning season, minnow shape lure which can suspend in the water will be absolutely necessary.Suspend model has idiosyncratic features for long casting and also pushing force of water as same as floating model. It will be unopposed when the bass which want to predacious other bait fish but not enough strength for chasing, let the fish recognize by undulation and rope the fish in by staying suspend, and catch your big bass.

Rip Rizer 60 – Foating MODEL – Size:60mm – Weight:4.4g

Rip Rizer 60 – Suspend MODEL – Size:60mm – Weight:4.6g

Rip Rizer 90 – Foating MODEL – Size:90mm – Weight:10.3g

Rip Rizer 90 – Suspend MODEL – Size:90mm – Weight:11.6g

Rip Rizer 110 – Foating MODEL – Size:112mm – Weight:15g

Rip Rizer 110 – Suspend MODEL – Size:112mm – Weight:18g

Rip Rizer 130 – Foating MODEL – Size:130mm – Weight:20g

Rip Rizer 110 – Slow RIZER MODEL – Size:112mm – Weight:19g


Floating, Suspend


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