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Jointed Bait 72SF

Jointed Bait 72SF

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With its compact size and luscious swaying movements, it realistically creates a small fish that is trying to escape.

A new sensation joint lure that can be used in any field, such as clear lakes and muddy wild ponds, as well as waterways and small streams!

It is effective not only for bass, but also for various fish eaters such as sea bass, and it also works as a follow lure.

How To Use

  • Retrieving while twitching is an action that invites a bite under various circumstances by directing a weakened bait.
  • Turn the lure with a straight retrieve that does not allow action in fields with flows such as backwaters and rivers.
  • Jerk and stop around overhangs and structures for sharp action.
  • Fast retrieve swims with undertows on the surface of the water, so it is effective for searching for active bass and aiming for reaction bites.

Spinning rod: L-ML class / Line: 4LB-8LB

Bait rod: L-ML class / Line: 6LB-12LB


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