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Blitz MR

Blitz MR

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Brand OSP Lures

A superior middle-running crankbait should have all of the following characteristics: castability, great wobble, precise transmission of the cover and bottom, snaglessness, good hookset, and capability of landing the fish. However, the common middle-running crankbait is not designed to meet all the criteria. If the emphasis is put on castability, the buoyancy decreases. If the emphasis is put on snaglessness, the castability goes down. In order to fulfill all of the conditions, we had to come up with something “special”. And with the incorporation of new ideas, we succeeded in producing an all-around middle-running crankbait that is easy to use and increases catches.

Blitz MR Features

HP Slash Bill – The thin, lightweight lip is highly sensitive and will precisely transmit the details of the bottom. The wide square shape allows the lure to avoid hang-ups and maintain balance as it bumps cover. The high action response increases the number of contacts with cover, which in turn prevents the lure from getting stuck.

Honeycomb HP Body – The insides of the body have been reduced to keep the lure light and to increase buoyancy, while maintaining durability. The lightweight body results in sharper movements, giving the lure an advantage over others.

Non-Rattle Stationary Weight System – Although it has a stationary weight, the lure is designed to increase castability. The weight is placed as low as possible for an incredible response. The non-rattle design gives stronger appeal under tough conditions.

Semi-Flat Body – Although keeping the snag-free trait of a round crankbait, it has a semi-flat body construction that yields better flash and appeal.

Length: 51.5mm(2-3/50in.)

Weight: 9.5g(1/3oz)

Hook Size: #6

Dives: 0-8ft.


Ghost Minnow G-01, Crystal Gold H-04, Hasu T-06, Chartreuse/Blue Back P-07, Red Craw Z-08, Crystal Blue Shiner H-09, Hot Tiger P-14, 銀鱗-Ginrin- H-23, Tasty Shad P-23, Vanilla/Chartreuse P-39, Half Mirror Gold HH-53, Honey Brown P-63


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