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Weight Seal

Weight Seal

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For lure suspending tunes and sinking tunes!

Useful for weight tuning of the Joint Bait series.

  • As it is made in Japan, the adhesive strength that is strong.
  • As there is not corner, it is hard to come off and is easy to put.
  • It is a plate lead with adhesive tape that is most suitable for suspending tune, sinking tune, and balance adjustment of lures.
  • When attaching to a curved surface, bend the lead and press it firmly along the curved surface.
  • It is also possible to change the movement depending on where it is pasted.
  • Can be cut with scissors according to the shape of the lure.
  • It may be slightly different from the displayed weight.

Type: Thickness

(Round SS size) 0.5mm
(Oval S size) 0.5mm
(Oval M size) 0.5mm
(Oval L size) 0.5mm
(Oval LL size) 0.5mm


(Round SS size) 0.15g
(Oval S size) 0.25g
(Oval M size) 0.55g
(Oval L size) 1.2g
(Oval LL size) 1.5g

Colour : -colours

Length :

(Round SS size) 5.1×5.1mm
(Oval S size) 7.5× 6.3mm (
Oval M size) 12×8.2mm
(Oval L size) 24×8.3mm
(Oval LL size) 24×12mm

Depth : –

Hook :-

Qty :

(Round SS size) 12pcs/pack
(Oval S size) 10pcs/pack
(Oval M size) 8pcs/pack
(Oval L size) 5pcs/pack
(Oval LL size) 4pcs/pack




Round SS, Elliptical S, Elliptical M, Elliptical L, Elliptical LL


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