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Joint Bait 176SF

Joint Bait 176SF

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Joint Bait 176SF is a big bait with a size that has a high ability to attract bass, and a worm-like swimming action.

It also supports fast winding, and mixes the search ability and the ability to eat in a well-balanced manner.

“Catch a big bass with a movement that bass has never seen before !” The concept is to make big bait more familiar and use it in any situation, from pinpoint fishing to open area fishing!

Recommended not only for bass, but also for big sea bass with Konoshiro and mullet patterns.

How To Use

  • Basically, it is simply rolled to produce a glossy moving snake action.
  • When inviting a bite with a pinpoint, lightly tilt the rod and turn while hitting the flutter.
  • In backwaters and rivers, put the line on the flow and turn the lure. We recommend an upcross that casts upstream.
  • Jerk and stop around overhangs and structures to give sharp action.

Recommended tackle

Rod/line for big bait: 20LB~30LB

Weight Seal Tune

By tuning the weight seal, it is possible to attack a wider range.

You may be able to produce your own unique action if you put it where you put it… We recommend tuning to Suspend or Slow Thinking!

  • Suspending Tune: LL (1.5g) x 2 & M (0.55g) x 2
  • Slow Thinking Tune: LL (1.5g) x 3 & M (0.55g) x 1

Buoyancy varies depending on water temperature and salinity fine-tuning in the field is recommended.

Type : Slow Floating

Weight: 60g (2oz Class)

Color: 8colors

Length: 176mm (7inch)

Depth: 0-10cm (surface)

Hook : ST-36 (Front #1 / Rear #2)


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