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Blitz DR

Blitz DR

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Brand OSP Lures

Crankbait is a lure that you want to equip various kinds of size and diving depth depending on the season or water color or the kind of baitfish. You can’t expect the best fishing result if your crankbait swims too shallow on the bottom or too deep under the grass level. The diving level of “The Blitz DR” is from the surface of the water to 3.5m depth (3.0m depth is the most effective) which is the middle of the wide depth of existing Blitz MR and Blitz EX-DR. So, this crankbait has a valuable performance in a wide range of situations, such as bank fishing of 2-3 meters depth, capes and break lines from boats, standing trees and rocks, grass area of big lake and dredging areas that require long casting.

Crankbait equation of O.S.P

O.S.P’ crankbait started from Buzzin’ Crank which was released when O.S.P was established and after Blitz was released in 2004 the lineup of O.S.P crankbait has been increasing. From the beginning, O.S.P crankbait has been focusing on highest performance generated from perfect structure and so a lot of anglers have been using them. That is why O.S.P crankbait has no need for model change. Honey comb super HP body (pat.) is one of them. It creates quick swimming start and high pitch action because it has 40% thinner body (compared to O.S.P products) without sacrificing strength. It eliminated weight movement system which is the standard of crankbait. It is very important that you can cast long without body rolling with fixed weight system. By getting rid of the rail inside the body plastic part is reduced. This creates much more buoyancy and so the lure has more fixed weight. You can feel the vibration clearly even when you use 7 feet class glass rod. So you can sense the structure immediately and you can make the full use of your technique like stopping retrieve to dodge the structure just before you touch it. The bill has a round shape that makes it easy to slip out of the grass, and the tip is flat, making it hard to fall sideways on a hard bottom, and also has the ability to fall forward. Vibration is transmitted to the hand even in dead slow retrieve, and the bill shape and buoyancy do not lose the performance of inviting while heaving the structure Although the body shape is round, bite is induced by flashing of the semi-flat side. Designed with years of experience in using O.S.P crankbait and grounded physical theory, the Blitz DR is a global strategic crankbait with improved overall performance.

Blitz DR Features

High response body: The center of the gravity is very low because of high specific gravity of tungsten ball and honey comb super HP body (PAT.) which has strength and lightness. The horizontal eye minimizes the distance of 2 weights and contributes to the concentration of the center of gravity. It realized a highly responsive action with a zero extravagant body.

Semi flat body: Body side is intermediate of round and flat so it is not influenced by the wind and has stable flying posture and distance. When it swims it entices bite with flashing. This body shape is better than best.

Semi flat bill: Wide bill with its tip flat avoids stack when it hit the hard structure because it seldom falls sideways and get over it. It slip through the grass well because the flat tip is not so long and round part is effective.

Length: 53.0mm

Weight: 11g

Type: Floating

Hook: #6

Deps Max: 3.5m


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