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Brand OSP Lures

A big jerkbait that started with a shocking evolutionary process.

With the incorporation of a flat body, Rudra-SP is able to produce intense flashing effects. The flashing effects and tight, rolling actions from this lure enlarge the productive zone to include wide and deep ranges. Its performance excels in both darting and normal retrieving method and its fish-like actions are especially effective with less active, big bass.

Rudra-SP Features

New Weight System – Two weights are fixed on the bottom of the body, and instead of using one more weight, three smaller weight balls are used. This system pushes more gravity toward the stomach and generates a big rolling movement.

Honeycomb HP Body – The bigger the body size, the more effective the honeycomb becomes. The light weight of this body has gone beyond the common knowledge of ABS plastic and has renewed the concept of a tight wobble.

Fully Flat Body – The high quality of flashing and undulation from this body is practically impossible to achieve from a round or oval body. The fully flat body has higher appeal to bass and yields more bites.

The Best Lip for Jerkbaits – No matter the genre of the lures, the best lip does not imply that it is the thinnest. We have selected the best material and shape to create a jerkbait with both a strong darting action with a roll big enough to show its stomach and a tight wobbling action even in a normal retrieve.

Length: 130.0mm(5-1/8in.)

Weight: 20.0g(3/4oz)

Type: Suspend

Hook Size: #4

Dives: 0-6ft.


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