Jointed Gill 90SS

Jointed Gill 90SS

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Although it has a sense of volume, it has a compact size of 90mm and has both the ability to attract fish and the ability to bite.

Slow retrieve draws a small S time that does not move too much, making it closer to the real bait wave.

In normal retrieve, it rolls greatly and appeals strongly.

It is very effective for big bass that are preying on baitfish such as bluegill and crucian carp.

How To  Use

  • Just winding – Basically, directing Gill swimming without caution and inviting a part-time job.
  • Acute angle turn – Imitate Gil, who turns over and escapes from an enemy with an acute angle turn of 90° or more while moving the rod sharply.
  • Sudden float – Produce a chased bait by raising the rod and suddenly rising to the very limit of jumping out to the surface of the water.
  • Weight tune – If you put a weight sticker on it, you can attack the deep area, and you can suppress the movement a little to cope with tough situations.

Type : Slow Sinking

Weight: 20g (3/4oz Class)

Color: 16colours

Length: 90mm (3.5inch)

Depth : 10cm-Bottom

Hook :-

*YH – Yellow head
*CB – Chart back
*PB – Pink back

* Colors and specifications may change due to minor changes.



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