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Joint Bait 100SF

Joint Bait 100SF

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A head shape that catches water so that it swims firmly under the water surface.

4-connected body calculated to move firmly even in slow action.

If you want to do a sinking tune, please separate the weight stickers of 1g or more into 2 places.

Set the eye horizontally so that it draws a smooth S-shape + rolling.

By adding weight, it became easier to dive!

It is possible to dive more than 10 cm by using fluorocarbon while soaking it in water.

If you retrieve it after landing on the nylon line, it will swim on the water surface. (Dive depth changes depending on water temperature and water quality.)

How To Use

  • Continuous twitching is a recommended action that invites a part-time job under various circumstances.
  • Turn the lure with a straight retrieve without taking action in places where there is a flow such as a backwater or river.
  • Jerk and stop around overhangs and structures to add sharpness to the movement.
  • Since it swims vigorously on the surface of the water in fast retrieve, it is effective for searching for active bass and aiming for reaction bites.


YH→Yellow Head

GH→Glow Head

PH→Pink Head

CB→Chart Back

SG→Silver Glitter

PB→Pink Back

Type : Slow Floating

Weight: 17g (5/8oz)

Color: 29colors

Length: 110mm (4.5inch)

Depth: 0-10cm (Surface)

Hook : ST-46 (Front #6 / Rear #8)


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