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High Cut DR-SP

High Cut DR-SP

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Brand OSP Lures

No.1 Sophisticated shad for deep range

High Cut DR-SP has been producing much more bite than other shads, not only in the low temperature season from late fall to spring. And it is also effective against the selective bass that only reacts the action resembling genuine bait fish.

But HIGH CUT DR was developed to be No.1 shad reaching 3.7m depth where original HIGH CUT never reaches.

What required as No.1 shad are castability, action, dart performance and natural posture when it swims and stops. That function must be equipped at its high level.

The looks of HIGH CUT DR-SP is similar to HIGH CUT SP, but having 2mm longer lip makes it swim deeper than HIGH CUT SP.

HIGH CUT DR-SP equipped 2 balls movable magnet weight because stable flight posture is the key to gain overwhelming distance.

And HIGH CUT DR-SP has succeeded in producing amazing distance by light casting because it has rear fixed weight and non-air resistance body shape.

It realized overwhelming distance over 30m, compared with the other shad which has average distance around 25m.

Also, stable flying posture reduces hook tangle when lure dives into the water. So, we don’t miss the bass bite.

Action is tight and high pitch just like original HIGH CUT by ultralight Honey comb super HP body (PAT.)

It shows lively action both by slow retrieve and fast retrieve that is inevitable nowadays.

When you twitch it, it can keep swim range because neodymium magnets fix weight ball firmly and produce bite by fascinating flashing with roll and twist.

Furthermore, when you let it stay, it keeps horizontal position and imitates real bait fish which is effective in low temperature and gives a chance to bite.

Thus, being refined all the elements required to the highest level, unrivaled class No.1 Shad was born.

High Cut DR-SP Features

Movable magnet weight – HIGH CUT DRSP  is equipped with Neodymium magnet which is the strongest among permanent magnet. By using magnets as small as possible, it can secure the volume of inner body, and action response is improved. Furthermore by the installation of two weight balls, it realized more stable flight distance and flight posture.

Low centre of gravity fixed weight – Center of gravity of belly weight is lowered at maximum level. It strengthens roll action and improved the ability of fast retrieve. And it contributes to all of the action performance by synergy with the honeycomb body.

Rear fixed weight – It helps stable flight attitude and distance and horizontal stay posture.

Honey comb super HP body (PAT.) – Honey comb super HP body succeeded in amazing weight reduction without losing strength. Lighter body improved action response and realized true high pitch action beyond the limit of ABS resin.

Red eye – Honey comb super HP body succeeded in amazing weight reduction without losing strength. To distinguish it from the original HIGH-CUT at a glance, colors of eyes are unified in red. It makes quick lure change possible in the field.


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