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Greg Mitchell



Greg Mitchell


Fishing means many things for deferent people, for me it’s a way of life. Doesn’t matter where I’m fishing, in a lake on the coastal estuary or out to sea, it’s having fun with a few mates with the same passion. There’s more to fishing than just catching fish.

Listening to others with their stories catching fish and what they were catching them on. Camping & sitting around a campfire making many friendships over the years with people I have met while out fishing that’s what it is all about for me.
Tournament fishing is my passion, spending many hours on the water working out how to catch fish with different presentations. Getting that feeling of adrenalin pumping traveling up the lake at 70mphr, waiting to get your first fish netted & into the live well. Or it could be at the local creek casting lures to the nearest lay down, waiting in anticipation for a bite.

Fishing a lake is all about the hunt, working out the right lure or presentation in fooling that fish, to eat that lure.
Talking with other passionate anglers helps me learn different ways to catch fish. Being able to adapt to each situation, in each location, this makes me a better angler being able to catch fish anywhere.

Over the last 8 years i have been volunteering my time being involved in the future of the fish management, involves a yearly fishing comp. Which generates tourism dollars for the local businesses throughout South Burnett Region. I have also been involved in number of research activities throughout QLD & NSW in gathering data for the future (QLD & NSW Fisheries). For a number of years organising & running fishing clinics for children, dealing with government to obtain funds to run these days. It’s a great to give back what I have learnt to the kids who are the future of our sport.