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Gerard Hawthorn


Pro Staff: Gerard Hawthorn

Gerard Hawthorn


Gerard is a lifelong fishaholic from Melbourne who has spent more than 3 decades chasing Bream, Estuary Perch and Bass in the many Rivers, Lakes and Inlets along the South East Coast of Australia. From catching undersized Hopkins River Bream on freshly collected baits as a kid in his hometown of Warrnambool to hunting monster Estuary Perch and Bass on lures out of his Kayak in East Gippsland he has seen, and fished his way through an incredible evolution of techniques and tackle used in the pursuit of these fish.

“…When I first came across Fish-Tec’s products on trips to Queensland over the past year or so, I couldn’t wait to get the lures down South to see whata our Black Bream thought of them. The OSP Bent Minnows in particular have resulted in the best Bream fishing I’ve had…ever!!, in both numbers of fish and size. Surface luring’s gotta be easily the most fun way to target Bream on lures, and lately they’ve made Flathead fishing exciting again…Check ‘em out, and check out the pics!!!…”