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Power Game Jigging PE X8

Power Game Jigging PE X8

$89.95 inc GST

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Renowned as a world leader in braided fishing line, Toray continue to produce desirable products across there range. The new Powergame Jigging PE X8 is suitable for all jigging applications and doubles as a quality casting line also. A huge range of breaking strains are available, and multi-coloured to assist in taking down your target.

Toray fishing line has long been associated in Japan as one of the best and most premium products on the Japanese domestic market. Toray’s class leading technology allows them to produce the most advanced fishing lines using the newest and best materials available. Offering a huge variety of products there is sure to be a braid, fluorocarbon or monofilament line to suit every situation you can encounter. From super light braids and flurocarbon for bream and trout fishing. To purpose designed sinking braids for squid fishing, right up to heavy braids suitable for jigging and casting.

Power Game Jigging PE X8

– Polyethylene 100% Fishing Line

– 8 – Braided

– Made in Japan

– Saltwater Game

– High Power Line

– Multi Coloured

– Changes colour every 10m

– 300m Length


20lb, 29lb, 36lb, 42lb, 53lb, 64lb, 80lb


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