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Joint Zari 65 Blade Claw

Joint Zari 65 Blade Claw

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Uses an offset hook for outstanding ability to avoid snagging.

Replacing the worm part OK!

With a blade that looks like a tail, when you use it for “winding”, it trembles and appeals with the vibration and flushing of the blade.

By using a worm material for the claws, the bite rate is high even during stay and slow action.

The combination of a blade that avoids obstacles and an offset hook is also ideal for cover aiming!

At the bottom, it produces a realistic crayfish by dragging and lifting and falling, and brings the big bass to the bite.

  • The tail-shaped blade that creates undulations and flushing has an outstanding rise!
  • Silicon rubber that imitates antennae appeals with the shimmering sensation when it touches the bottom.
  • [ONE ring joint] has a wide range of motion and produces realistic crustacean movements.
  • High bite rate with worm material! Equipped with an offset hook for excellent snagging avoidance!
  • Tuning eyes that can be used for assist hooks, blade tuning, and reverse mounting.

How To Use

Around rocky areas and structures…

  • Lift & Fall
    • Appeal with glitter and wave motion by lifting after landing.
    • Furthermore, the flickering fall creates a gap between eating!

When searching for a wide range…

  • Just winding & fall
    • Just winding moves irregularly and produces a crayfish that runs away in a hurry.
    • We recommend a speed that is just as fast as it will not rotate!
    • The point is to stop the winding occasionally and put in a fall to eat!

With a flat bottom…

  • Bottom Zulu pull
    • By winding it as slowly as possible, it creates an unsuspecting crayfish. Aim for big bass!

With a systematic design that supports various tunings, it is possible to add assist hooks, retrofit blades, replace worms, etc.

Please enjoy according to the situation.

* With 1 set of claw worms for replacement

Recommended tackle

Bait rod: M-H class / Line: 10LB-20LB

* It may rotate depending on the retrieve speed.

* Swimming changes depending on the setting angle of the worm.

Please use it with your favorite setting.

Type : Sinking

Weight : 20g(3/4oz Class)

Colour : 6 colours

Length : 65mm(2.6inch)

Hooks : Offset #1 Class



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