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Joint Gill 70SS

Joint Gill 70SS

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A real fish! Bite size gill of super real swimming.

Imitated the bluegill of the size that bass prey on, and I was particular about the movement and shape.

Slow retrieve has a supernatural snake action, the faster you wind it, the stronger the rolling action.

A joint lure that targets individuals that prey on flat fish such as bluegill and crucian carp.

How To  Use

  • Dead slow retrieve -Invites a part-time job by directing Gil swimming unsuspectingly with a super natural snake action.
  • Acute angle turn – If you move the rod sharply, you will make a sharp angle turn of 90° or more, imitating Gil who turns around and escapes.
  • Sudden float – Produce a chased bait by raising the rod and suddenly rising to the very limit of jumping out to the surface of the water.
  • Weight tune – If you put a weight sticker on it, you can attack the deep area, and you can suppress the movement a little to cope with tough situations.

Type : Slow Sinking

Weight: 9g (5/16oz Class)

Colour: 13 colours

Length: 70mm (2.7inch)

Depth : 10cm-Bottom

Hook :-

*Colors and specifications may change due to minor changes.



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