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Joint Bait 142SF

Joint Bait 142SF

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Minimize the “wave” when the lure moves, and the snake action that moves like a worm is  active in a wide range of fields such as muddy wild ponds and clear lakes.

In slow retrieve, only the tail moves in his swaying, variable swimming that turns into a violent snake action as it starts to shake its head as it is reeled in faster .

If you put in a jerk, you can make intense turns, and it responds to various actions depending on the angler’s rod work.

Although it is a joint lure, it has a shape that is difficult to rotate when casting, ensuring a sufficient flight distance. Of course, it is very effective not only for
bass, but also for sea bass that preys on large baits!

How To Us

  • Retrieving while twitching is an action that invites a bite under various circumstances by directing a weakened bait.
  • Turn the lure with a straight retrieve that does not allow action in fields with flow such as backwaters and river.
  • A sharp action is added with jerk and stop around overhangs and structures.
  • In fast retrieve, it creates undertow waves on the surface of the water and swims, so it is effective for searching for active bass and aiming for reaction bites.

Type : Slow Floating

Weight: 28g (1oz class)

Color: 8colors

Length: 142mm (5.6inch)

Depth: 0-10cm (surface)

Hook : ST-46 (Front #2 / Rear #6



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