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Join Popper 90

Join Popper 90

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Popping, stay, joint popper that makes you eat by just winding.

With a floating angle of about 70°, a strong rod action will make a deep bass dive, and a sweeping rod action will make a splash.

With a long jerk, swim just below the water surface while chewing bubbles, and turn on the bass switch!

The tail uses a tungsten weight for excellent flight distance, and the hook is equipped with a feather that reduces the movement distance by directing the tail fin of the bait.

It is effective not only for bass, but also for sea bass and black sea bream.

How To Use

Deep Bass Dive – A strong jerk appeals to a wide range of dive sounds! It is recommended under the almighty situation.

Splash- When the bait is noisy, the splash sound that moves using the elasticity of the rod creates the sound of the bait running away!

Long stay – The triple body moves slightly even with small movements of water or wind, and automatically invites a bite even for a long stay.

Tadamaki – In selective situations such as clear water, a fine undertow by slow free winding is effective!

Recommended tackle

Bait rod: ML-M class / Line: 8LB-12LB

Spinning rod: M-MH class / Line: 6LB-10LB

Type : Floating

Weight: 11g (3/8oz Class)

Color: 8colors

Length: 90mm (3.5inch)

Depth: Surface




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