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Blitz MAX-DR

Blitz MAX-DR

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Brand OSP Lures

We evolve the standard/ change the criteria of deep crankbait.
In the recent situation that bass have grown up bigger in every field, so-called “big bass hunter” targeting different fish from normal anglers do choose deep crankbait hoping to catch big bass. Deep crankbait shows its power in weed area of 3-6meter range, rock or trees area in reservoir, natural lake, and rock area or tetrapod near deep area in river.

Especially, it is quite effective when school of baitfish cruise in deep zone. So to say, deep crankbait is the shortest way to catch big bass. But it is also true that the crankbaiting is getting more technical in accordance with bass are getting more selective. And the element requested from the lure has evolved with accelerating speed.

Blitzs Max-Dr. is the deep crankbait of new era which has basic performance that destroys a current standard. You can manipulate it as you want and perform crankbaiting very naturally before you know it.

”Amazing distance! The weight movement type is exceeded by the fixed center of gravity.”

The inner rail which is inevitable for weight movement type lure becomes big in large and bold body, and so deprive the lure of rhythmical retrieve action. Most angler choose weight movement type lure because they seek distance. But if fixed center of gravity lure can surpass distance, weight movement type lure is no longer needed. The advantage of fixed center of gravity lure is proved by shallow crankbait.

Blitzs Max-Dr. adopts fixed center of gravity which is not common in domestic products. The reason is nothing but it has much distance than same size weight movement type lure. By the ultimate body design that unites flight and swim, it keeps stable flight posture under against wind and realizes higher distance than heavier lure. The side effect created by this specs is infinite.

”Real fishing performance that overwhelming, advantageous body invents”

The fusion of fixed center of gravity and the honeycomb body (PAT.) are the ultimate of the body lightening. You could get quick response just like car made of aluminum body. Quick swim start without runup, light and lively high-response action catch more fish with stop and go action like hang off which expert anglers use as effective technique.

”Hypersensitive crankbait that perceive the bottom”

Although it has tight action in order to make bass bite under high pressure circumstance, it transmits vibration directly from rod by honey comb body and fixed center of gravity. That exquisite action creates high sensitivity, it senses structure by slight touch. So it satisfies technical demand of angler.

”Effective snagless ability”

You can not get effective snagless ability with long lip only. For instance, the lure with thin point reef type lip often falls down when bottom knock, or the lure which moves excessively when it touches something because weight goes backward has also problem. Those lures lose potential the instant they enter productive zone. Deep crankbaits show difference when it touch something. So you need to manipulate them with care like you make texas rig get over cover. The unite of light honey comb body and low center of fixed gravity and semi-flat lip never lose balance too much when it touches something and return instantly.
Blitzs Max-Dr. is the ultimate high sense and high performance crankbait that has perfect snagless ability. It does side walk right and left when it touches bottom and it gets over cover from front.

Blitz MAX-DR Features

Ultra long cast bodyFixed center of gravity body design has longer distance than same size weight movement type.

Semi-flat lipDeep crankbait works when it touches something. The lip shape of Blitzs Max-Dr. has complete snagless ability like getting over cover from or easy hang-off or sidewalk when it touched bottom.

Honey comb super HP body (pat.)By adopting special honey comb structure which has both strength and lightweight Blitzs Max-Dr. has succeeded in thickening body 40% (compared with our products). It enables centralize gravity to weight, therefore, the action that exceeds the limit of plastic lure is achieved.

Fixed center of gravity weightFixed center of gravity contributes to the exclusion of useless thickness in the body because of a simple structure. Lightened body improves all function like high response lively action, smooth swim start, quick return from cover.

Length: 61.0mm(2-2/5in.)

Weight: 18.0g(5/8oz.)

Type: Floating

Hook Size: #4X

Dives: 0-14ft


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