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Alpha Fly Series


Edge Rods Alpha FLy Series

Moderate Action series

Mike McCoy, made in USA, lightweight alloy threaded, up-locking aluminum reel seat is adorned with unique natural burled Buckeye hardwood spacer and precision tooled locking nuts. Hook-keeper installed for fly management when moving from pool to pool.

EDGE Gamma Alpha(ΓΑ), moderate action and Gamma Beta (ΓΒ), fast action performance fly rods bring to life the vision Gary Loomis had early on in his career, finally, technology caught up with his imagination. A project more than two years in the making, pouring decades of design into these lightweight, stunning, precision tools are the closest thing you will find on the market resembling custom-built fly rods. No detail has been overlooked. Carrying forward the tradition as a materials and design genius, Gary has selected the finest composite materials available. LMX materials combine and balance strength, recovery, and weight, designed and manufactured into tightly rolled structurally sound tubes that are incredibly light in-hand. They are finished by hand and built to perfection. Typifying performance and available in two distinct actions, these are most responsive and efficient fly rods on the market. For anglers seeking something special and high-performance, these are the answer.

Alpha Fly Series Products

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