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Shane Stevens



Shane Stevens


Shane Stevens is a lifelong passionate fly fisherman; he is a life member of the Ballarat Fly Fishers Club, which he joined as a youngster back in 1985. Shane loves nothing more, than seeing a brown or rainbow trout sipping his dry fly off the surface in the Central Highlands of Tasmania or around his hometown of
Ballarat in Victoria on Lake Wendouree. Over the past few years, Shane has taken a liking to casting lures, especially surface lures like Bent Minnows whilst fishing for trout. The visual aspect of seeing trout chasing the bents, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a big bow wave boring behind your lure and then the take, and it’s game on. The bents are as close as a lure fisherman will get to see what a fly fisherman sees when fishing dry flies. Shane is a regular columnist with the Fishing Monthly Magazine, Freshwater Fishing Magazine and can be heard on local radio stations with weekly promoting fishing with reports, tips and pointers. Shane also owns The Shannon Rise Lodge, which offers fully self-contained accommodation in Tasmania’s Central Highlands, the heart and soul of Tasmania’s trout fishing.