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Roderick Walmsley



Roderick Walmsley


I have been fortunate to have fished all over the world in a host of different environments and for a host of different species. To do this I have utilised all types of tackle from fly, light spin and bait cast gear to heavy offshore stuff. I have used this gear both in pursuing a career as a commercial fisherman, fishing in fresh and saltwater tournaments as well as just socially heading out on the water for an afternoon with mates. The gear I use gets put through the ringer and I try to fish at least once or twice a week to feed the addiction. I choose the FIshtec range of gear because their goals to bring in the best possible gear that they can source aligns with my preference and need to use the best. Fishing is my passion and for those times that I hook a trophy fish, I want the assurance that my gear won’t let me down and the FIshtec products give me that.