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Tiny Blitz DR

Tiny Blitz DR

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Brand OSP Lures

A small crankbait for real fight “TINY BLITZ DR” is just born. This makes you fish more strategically under tough conditions. Fishing condition becomes tough on a week end major field or when water temperature changes suddenly. In such condition, soft bait and jig and shad are effective. Soft bait and jig are effective when you have confident spot but it takes time to find spot. And shad that has tight action is effective in clear water but it is not easy to fish cover tightly like tetrapod where bass gather in cold water. Therefore, O.S.P sought for casting distance and accuracy to cope with tough condition and developed small crankbait “TINY BLITZ DR” which can fish effectively and aggressively.

About  the Tiny Blitz DR

“TINY BLITZ DR” has improved basic performance like casting distance, action response, snaglessness that are required for the crankbait to fish 3m deep.
The size is only 45mm. But flying posture is very stable by designed shape and weight balance. At the distance test it recorded best numerical value (compared with our products) compared to the same class competitors crank.

By adopting low center of gravity stationary weight and super light Honey Comb Super HP Body (PAT.), it performs sharp high pitch action with tight wobble and roll. And it starts to swim quickly after it reaches the water and when it touches the structure and bottom it also starts to swim quickly.
When you retrieve it slowly, it keeps tight action. So it keeps tempting bass and get more bite. Compared to the normal shad, “TINY BLITZ DR” has wide and semi-flat body of vertical flat shape, and the tip-wide shape contributes to the improvement of snagless performance.

Floating speed is not too fast for tough condition. And hook size is sifted to #6 for big bass but it keeps floating without hook tangling.
“TINY BLITZ DR” is a new standard of small crankbait to realize high dimension cranking.

Tiny Blitz DR Features

Honey comb super HP body (PAT.) – By reinforcing inside body with hexagon rib, succeeded in 40% reducing the thickness of side body (compared with our products). The installing weight can be improved by lightening a plastic part, and the action response improves by one point centralization of center of gravity. It reached the action at the level not easily detected by bass.

Semi-Flat Body – Semi flat body side strengthens flashing and water stir, and appealing not only to the eye but lateral line of fish. So it can gather bass more widely and increase bite.

Long bill – It makes lure reach 3.4m depth smoothly and realizes light feeling that you can keep on retrieving even all day long. Snagless ability is excellent against any kind of structure like stone timbers and weed. When bottom knocking, it totters a little but you can trace the straight line as you want.

Length: 45.0mm

Weight: 6.7g

Type: Floating

Hook Size: Front #8 Rear #8


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