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The GOAT – Bait Cast Reel

PDF Download – The GOAT Schematics

This isn’t your daddy’s bait caster. This is a true marvel of modern ingenuity and craftsmanship. This is the GOAT.

Each reel begins as a solid block of 6061-T6 bar stock aluminum and is cut on our 9-axis CNC machine bringing each shape and specification to life with the highest level of precision technology can achieve. Frames are then assembled and anodized with a clear coat finish so you can see everything the GOAT is and be sure of everything it isn’t. No plastic frames, no poured pieces, no kitschy marketing ploys or the hook of ambiguous technological advancements. In other words, there’s no bull, just Bates . . . just the guarantee that our reels are built to last and built to perform.


  • 150 sized frame
  • 6.3:1 & 7.1:1 Gear Ratio
  • CNC precision cut 6061-T6 bar stock aluminum one-piece-body
  • 10+1 stainless steel bearings anti corrosion coating
  • 26” per crank line pickup
  • Stainless steel & titanium drag assembly with watertight seal
  • Adjustable magnetic brakes
  • Laser engraved cork grips and thumb bar
  • 120mm Titanium crank arm
  • Clear anodized anti-corrosion finish
  • Custom neoprene reel case
  • Built to last (no plastic toys here)
  • 20lb Drag
  • Weight 7.7 oz
  • Mono Line Capacity: 12 lbs / 140 yds, Braided Line Capacity: 30 lbs / 190 yds
Gear Ratio

RH 6.3:1, RH 7.1:1, LH 6.3:1, LH 7.1:1, 8.11 RH, 8.11 LH


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