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HP Minnow

HP Minnow

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Brand OSP Lures

“The HP Minnow 3.1” is super multi performance minnow which has lively action and availability for many kinds of rigs.

To make fish regard lure as real bait is necessary to get bite from not only feeding bass but normal bass. “The HP Minnow 3.1” sought for ideal body shape and exclude unnatural movement. Only the part you want to move moves lively. Weightless rig generates I-shape action without unnatural staggering and sinks very slow because of selected material. That is why suspend bass notice the bait. Sharp dart action with twisting body, V-tail moves by short pitch shake, rear body trembles by simple retrieve. This action should be called super real. “The HP Minnow 3.1” will be the standard of next generation because it is never detected by bass.


Symmetrical body – The body of “The HP Minnow 3.1” is designed to be symmetrical. Even when the worm is worn out, you can rig it again by turning over. Then worm acts as fresh bait.

Side concave – The characteristic action of “The HP Minnow 3.1” is I-shape action. Head shape that disperse water flow equally and side concave reduce staggering and perform stable swimming action when slow retrieve.

Through type long slit – The problem of I-shape worm was unnatural movement because of non-straight inserting of offset hook. Through type long slit cleared this problem. Everybody can rig the hook straight and enjoy stable I-shape action by letting through the offset hook in the long slit and fixing hook point on the body. When water flow goes through slit, there occur strong vibrations like bait fish are running away desperately.

Original V tail – V-shaped groove dug in the base of the tail performs a function to move extremely sensitively in spite of tension, and even a slight shake produces tingling and micro vibration.

Length 3.1in 3.7in
Color 21
Count 8(3.1in)、7(3.7in)
Release July-2017




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